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Whether your horse is for riding, in-hand showing or simply as a pet, there are many unexpected costs that may occur during its lifetime. In terms of health, even the process of diagnosing a horse’s condition can be remarkably costly, and this is just one area that is covered by a comprehensive equine insurance policy. At Compare Pet Care, we make it easier than ever to find the insurance policy that suits your horse and your use of the horse. Use our handy table below to compare all the leading horse insurance policies in one place.

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Insurer & Policy Name
Vet Fees & Claim Type

Vet Fees & Claim Types

Per Condition:
Covers your pet up to the Vet Fees specified for each condition.
Per Year:
Covers your pet up to the Vet Fees specified for ALL condition.
Time Limit

Time Limit

Time limit on claiming, from start of eligible condition.




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Things to consider with Horse Insurance

Magnificent creatures that can be as much functional as they are pets, horses should be active and well-exercised if they are to remain in good health and live long lives. Providing that you take good care of your horse, he or she can live for a staggering 30 years. However, this is potentially 30 years of unpredictable costs, often greatly higher than those associated with most types of pet.

Like horses themselves, equine insurance comes in all shapes and sizes. As a standard, most policies will insure you against the loss of your horse, be it as a result of theft, death, or straying. Of course, this is just the basic element of leisure horse insurance – leading providers often offer more features as part of their standard cover, or as optional add-ons.

The specific horse insurance policy that you need will largely depend on how you use your horse. Whilst cover to help with vet fees is always a useful element, many horse insurance policies can also cover you against third party liability, should your horse cause damage to another person or their property. You can also find cover against permanent loss of use, theft or damage to saddlery and tack, and personal accident insurance for anybody who may ride the horse.

Although horse insurance is useful for the majority of a horses life, it is also important to note that horses are particularly prone to worsening medical conditions later in life. As a result, the vast majority of horse insurance policies will only cover your horse up to somewhere around the age of 25.