Pet Insurance FAQs

This is a compilation of frequently asked pet insurance questions we receive from visitors to the site, we make every effort to insure our answers are up-to-date and factually correct. Please ensure you read and fully understand your chosen insurance policy terms & conditions before making any financial decisions.

Question Topics

Vets Fees & Claim Limits

What are maximum Vets fees?

This is the amount of cover for Vets bills for the policy in question. This will cover all eligible conditions, and usually has an excess payable on each claim made. Depending on the policy Vets fees will be made available up to the maximum on a per condition or per year basis.

What cover does a 12 month time limit policy give?

12 Months, or Standard Cover, means the treament period for making claims is set to a 12 month time limit, after which time you can not claim for this condition again.

What does it mean when insurers say their policies are lifelong?

Lifelong cover means there is no time limit on claiming for each condition, you can continue claiming for ongoing conditions year after year. Always ensure you check the individual insurers terms and conditions, as some companies have started to introduce an overall maximum policy limit.

Is there any difference between lifelong and lifetime policies?

No, they're exactly the same thing.
(For more information on lifelong policies please see our lifelong pet insurance page).

Age Limits

Is there a minimum age limit for pet insurance?

Most pet insurers will have a minimum age limit for pets they insure, this is usually around 6-8 weeks old. It's unlikely that you will have your pet at a younger age than this, unless you are a breeder in which case specialist breeder insurance would probably be more suitable.

Is there a maximum age limit for pet insurance?

Unlike the minimum age limit which is generally the same across all insurers, the maximum age limit varies. Some insurers will only cover your pet up to a certain age, after which they will no longer provide cover as they see them as high-risk for conditions and injuries. Having said that, there's a wide range of insurers that will continue to cover your pet for their full lifetime, with no maximum age limit, please see our no upper age limit page for more information.

Comparing Pet Insurance

Why should you compare pet insurance?

Because of the large number of companies now offering pet insurance products, both directly and in association with other companies, there's never been more competition. This means there's a great range of policies from basic cover on a budget right upto comprehensive cover for the latest advances in Veterinary care.

Why do quotes vary so much?

Quoets are usually based on the following factors; Age, Sex, Breed, and Post Code Location, combining this with the number of insurance underwriters and policy options available means there's a great diversity in the price range and cover level you will be quoted for. Always remember to check the individual company and policy terms and conditions carefully.

Is it best just to go with the highest online discount?

In a word, no. Basing your decision simply on price or online discount is not advised. Whilst price will undoubtedly be a factor for the majority of pet owners, remember that online discounts often only apply to the first year of new policies.

Should I base my decision on reviews I have read?

There's a number of reasons why this isn't advisable. We posted a blog post about why you shouldn't trust pet insurance reviews which answers this question in more detail.

Making a Claim

How do I go about making a claim on my pet insurance?

Each insurer has their own process, but we've listed the claim phone numbers for the main insurers on this page - Pet Insurance Claim Forms.

Can I ask my Vet to make the claim on my behalf?

Whilst Vets will be able to assist with completing claim forms, it's always advisable to contact the insurer yourself. Some insurance companies can arrange to pay the Vet direct, minus the excess, check your policy documentation or call them via their claims line to find out.

Can I make a claim for a pre-existing condition?

The vast majority of insurers will not cover pre-existing conditions, it's always worth checking with your insurer to be sure, but in most cases they will not cover claims for pre-existing conditions.