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Wherever in the world your pet comes from, there are many potential costs that may be incurred through its lifetime. To be defended against astronomical vet bills, loss of your pet or damage it may cause to third party people or their property, you need a quality exotic pet insurance plan. At Compare Pet Care, we bring together exotic pet insurance quotes from many of the best providers, allowing you to find the plan you need today.

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Insurer & Policy Name
Vet Fees & Claim Type

Vet Fees & Claim Types

Per Condition:
Covers your pet up to the Vet Fees specified for each condition.
Per Year:
Covers your pet up to the Vet Fees specified for ALL condition.
Time Limit

Time Limit

Time limit on claiming, from start of eligible condition.




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Things to consider with Exotic Pet Insurance

Coming to the UK from all around the world, exotic pets like snakes, reptiles, birds and even large exotic mammals are often not completely adapted to life on our shores. As a result, many exotic animals are more likely to suffer ill health as the result of climate change, resulting in expensive trips to the vet. Every exotic pet insurance policy will cover against vet costs to some degree.

In some cases, exotic pet insurance policies will pay out up to a given amount for a specific condition, although some lifelong exotic pet insurance policies will cover the entire life of your pet and are suited to long-term illness. Naturally, these policies often come with more expensive premiums. As well as covering healthcare for your exotic pet, some insurance policies also include cover against loss of your pet by theft or death.

Even if your exotic pet is in good health, there may be other causes of unexpected costs, particularly if you have a pet who could conceivably cause damage to another person or their property. Some exotic pet insurance providers offer coverage against public liability, as well as dangerous wild animal public liability insurance if necessary.

Largely speaking, though, most exotic pet owners need the peace of mind that cover brings for their iguana, bearded dragon, parrot or tortoise. Consider the life expectancy of your pet to determine potential health costs, and the overall value of your exotic pet to determine the protection you need against theft or loss.