Why you shouldn’t trust Pet insurance Reviews

Saturday 31st December, 2011 by Claire Lodge.


When comparing products and services it’s natural as a consumer to want to read about other peoples experiences, both from people you know, and as a general guide from a wider audience. Unfortunately there’s a number of reasons why you shouldn’t follow this theory when searching for pet insurance and we hope to highlight these to you in this post.

There’s too many variables

With so many variables involved in just getting a quote, let alone renewals, specific conditions, and the unique nature of individual cases, it makes it near on impossible to get a reliable overview of an insurance company based on online reviews. Reviews will usually consist of factors such as price, claims and customer service, the only rating that may carry any value is possibly customer service.

Price for pet insurance varies dependant on breed, gender, post code location, age and previous conditions, if you consider the huge variety of policies available with all the various extras, comparing policies, let alone entire pet insurers by price, is an impossible judgement to make.

It’s a similar story for reviewing claims, each case is individual, with a lot of factors involved, often including a third party in the form of the Vet if a claim is handled direct. If you search, you will find both positive and negative reviews for every insurer.

Anonymity of the Internet

Anonymous Reviews

We're not suggesting Pets are posting reviews, but it is worth considering the anonymous nature of review sites.

The only place you’re going to find a collection of pet insurance reviews is online, the big problem with this is the anonymous nature of many review sites. With most sites only having a handful of reviews for each insurer all it would take is a couple of extra reviews to throw the balance in favour of one company. Whilst we would like to believe every review is genuine, it’s worth considering how easy it might be for a company to ‘downgrade’ their competitors.

Emotions may affect reviews

Pets are considered by most to be a member of the family, therefore protecting them is a natural instinct. When a pet is unwell and requiring treatment it’s naturally going to cause stress and worry for the owner, this could quite easily affect their judgement on how an insurer has helped them. Whilst it’s easy to be highly subjective with other financial products such as car insurance, offering feedback on something so close to home, is naturally not going to be as impartial.