Westie Dog eats 5 Cats

Sunday 25th July, 2010 by Compare Pet Care.


The 5 Cat ornaments that Snowy consumed

Snowy the West Highland Terrier had been feeling unwell for several weeks with clinical signs including vomiting, lethargy and poor appetite. After several tests including urine samples for a possible kidney problem, a course of antibiotics was prescribed along with a change of diet. Unfortunately Snowy’s condition didn’t improve so they decided to x-ray her in search of more clues. She was taken to the Cromwell Veterinary Group at Huntingdon where the x-ray confirmed that Snowy had managed to eat five ornamental cats, ranging in size, with 5cm being the biggest of the cats.

X-ray of Snowy's Abdomen

After an hour long laparotomy in which they had to open Snowy’s abdomen in order to retrieve the cats, Snowy made a good recovery. She is now eating and drinking and back to her old self.