Vets and Pet Insurance – the link

Thursday 9th July, 2009 by Greg Findley.


Many people are confused about how the link between the Vets and pet insurers works. Each Vet will have a particular insurer they favour over another whether it is for promotion reasons, ease of claims or what they offer in the actual policy to the clients. What will happen with most policies is, once you have spent over your excess at the vets you are then able to claim. You get in touch with you insurer who will send you a claim form that you fill in and give to your Vet. The Vet completes the remaining sections on the claim form and sends it on behalf of the client to the insurer. Most Veterinary practices will already have the claim forms for the insurer they promote.

Most Veterinary practices follow the general rule that if the claim is over £500, they will ask you to pay the excess fee and then claim the remainder of the bill directly from the insurer. This is also the case with Veterinary practices that have an affiliated or recommended insurance company.

Where the Veterinary practice does not have a recommended insurance company or a claim threshold as mentioned above, the full claim payment will be requested from you, the client, then the insurer will refund the payment minus the excess fee.

If you are worried or have any issues it is always advisable to check with your Veterinary Practice to find out what their insurance claim procedures are.

  • Sarah Evans

    Useful information, it makes you wonder how many vets promote insurance companys for profit over belief its best for a clients needs!