TV Channel for dogs launched in San Diego

Monday 20th February, 2012 by Claire Lodge.

Dog TV Logo

A new TV channel has been launched in America this week, which is designed and themed specifically for dogs. It currently runs 24 hours a day and provides dogs with stimulating visuals and audio entertainment. The channel shows various footage designed to match the mood of your pooch and can range from cruising along in a car on the motorway, to a dog snoozing in an open field. All the programs have been specifically adjusted to provide the right colours for a dogs eyesight and music adjusted to a dogs sensitive hearing. The team have even tried to keep the audio levels at a good level for humans in a way that can suit both the dog and owner.

Dog TV’s website suggests introducing your dog to the shows in small intervals initially so they have time to adjust. The channel was created by a team of pet experts including the program director of Tufts University’s Animal Behaviour Department (of Clinical Sciences in Massachusetts), Dr Nicholas Dodman, two pet trainers and several broadcast media hosts.

They have developed 3 main categories of programs which include relaxation, stimulation and exposure. These were designed from what the producers thought they would most want to watch and be most beneficial to the dog’s owners.

Relaxation involves soothing music, sounds and slow images of other dogs sleeping, yawning and settling down to sleep in a peaceful environment. Stimulation shows moving objects and bright vibrant colours to make the dog more active and playful. Exposure shows various day-to-day objects and situations that dogs would normally experience in their environment. Although the TV station is only currently available in San Diego, USA they plan to make the channel available worldwide. Looks like dogs all around the world will soon be fighting their owners for a place on the sofa!