Top 10 Pet Names – Human Names now favoured

Monday 11th July, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


A new survey carried out on UK pet owners with 36,000 pets, concluded that we are now choosing more human names for our pets over the common traditional pet names. The names we normally give to children are now also being given to cats and dogs, with most families choosing names such as Max and Alfie over Fluffy and Tiddles. In the study the most popular name for cats and dogs was Poppy, amongst the other favourites included Max, Charlie, Bella and Alfie.

It seems the old favourites such as Spot and Rover are less loved these days, even celebrity names seem to be favoured over them, with celeb names such as J-Lo, Shakira, Beckham, Rooney and all being popular choices! Food and drink names also seem to be high on our favourite pet names list including Twix, Pepsi, Whisky and Bacon to name a few. It seems to be the things we like most, are we want to name our pets after, with very few limitations!

The top 10 Pet Names in the UK are:

Top 10 Dog Names Top 10 Cat Names
1. Poppy 1. Poppy
2. Alfie 2. Oscar
3. Molly 3. Charlie
4. Charlie 4. Molly
5. Max 5. Daisy
6. Bella 6. Millie
7. Ruby 7. Alfie
8. Millie 8. Rosie
9. Daisy 9. Tigger
10. Rosie 10. Bella, Max, Monty