Take your dog to work day 2012

Thursday 14th June, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


Take your dog to work day is an annual event that encourages dog owners to negotiate with their employers, so that they can bring their dogs into the workplace. The event, which is happening next Friday, 22nd June, has been running since 1999, and is mainly focused on the USA, with international support for the concept growing. The aim of the day is quite simply to celebrate dogs, and promote their adoption.

According to an American Pet Products Association survey, around 1.4million Americans take their dogs into work every day, whilst some even share their lunch break with their pets and walk them outside the office to give them a bit of exercise. If the activities of our American counterparts are to be recreated here in Britain one day, then many of us may well be allowed to take our pets into work!

Of course, there are some work environments where pets most definitely are not allowed. So, if you work in a restaurant, a food store, or a medical office for instance, your pet will most certainly be denied entry.

Take your dog to work day 2012

Many office workers however, are lucky enough to be employed in a ‘dog friendly’ environment and many say that bringing their pets into work helps them to be more focussed. Some workers even maintain that pets make the day more productive and help to make the environment more conducive to creativity. Others have also gone on record as saying that they have noticed that the workplace is far less stressful when pets are around and sometimes, when things get tough at work, it is actually good for them to have a breather by cuddling up to their dog.

So what do the employers think about it all? They say that allowing dogs in the workplace results in noticeably better communication between staff and their employees are more relaxed, as they don’t have to keep dashing home to check on their dogs or arrange to have someone stay in with them.

A tail-wagging experience all round, it would seem!