Take your Dog to Work Day 2011

Monday 20th June, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


Take your dog to work Day is this Friday (June 24th) in the USA and although this event hasn’t taken off in the UK just yet, more companies are realising the benefits of having pets in the workplace. The event was first celebrated in 1999 to show what great companions dogs make and to encourage people to adopt the many unwanted dogs from rescue centres. On the day animal businesses such as shelters, rescue centres and charities will work together to help promote pet adoption and try to encourage all employers in the USA to allow and support Take your Dog to Work Day. The event hopes to show that having a pet at work can help colleagues get on better by promoting social interaction, improve efficiency and reducing stress. It also means owners don’t have to say goodbye to their pets in the morning and that they are able to take them out for walks at lunch, so benefiting the dogs aswell.

Take your dog to work day

A review published in 2007, in the British Journal of Health Psychology, showed evidence to suggest that pet owners had lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and where less likely to have health problems. The Bio Agency also conducted an online survey earlier this year to more than 3000 office workers, which showed 16% of the employers had an office pet with the most popular being fish, dogs and cats. Over 55% of the workers agreed that they would be more motivated if they had a pet in the office. With the clear benefits to employees and their pets, it’s now the bosses turn to agree. No doubt this annual event will make its way to the UK in the next few years.

Click here to visit the ‘Take your dog to work’ day website.

  • http://www.braescotland.com Jayne Johnson

    We have 3 office dogs every day (this week we have 4!) … Company was also named after my dog!