Swimming Lessons help Cat Mog walk again

Friday 24th June, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


Mog the cat suffered severe nerve damage in his front legs after an unfortunate car crash in February this year, luckily this story might have a happy ending, thanks to his weekly swimming lessons!

Mog is a 1-year-old grey tabby and has been slowly learning to use his front two legs after they were paralysed during the crash. With the help of a hydrotherapy pool in St Issey, Cornwall (which is normally used for dogs) Mog has been getting on swimmingly around the pool, and can now bear his own weight on his front legs after just 10 lessons.

Swimming Cat, Mog

Mog kicked up a fuss initially as cats are not generally known for their love of water, but with a little encouragement from his owner, Mrs Ashworth, he can now swim circuits of the pool, she commented that Mog normally meows loudly whilst swimming, but does complete the circuits.

Mrs Ashworth had been told initially that Mog would never be able to walk again, but a local Vet then suggested the swimming classes. For hydrotherapy trainer Ros Boisseau it was the first cat she had ever treated and she has been amazed at how far Mog has come. Keep up the good work Mog, and lets hope for a full recovery soon!

Update – Thanks for the comments Veronica & James, here’s the video mentioned :)

  • Peter

    I hope he gets completely better. I hope they make a video of him.

  • veronica and mog

    Mog was filmed for itv westcountry tonight – now viewable on youtube (lostwithielmog)

  • James

    A video of Mog enjoying his hydrotherapy can be found here…