Speedy recovery for Indie the Labrador after eating a Toy Car

Thursday 1st September, 2011 by Claire Lodge.


Two year old black Labrador, Indie, had to be rushed to the Vets when they realized he may have eaten the toy jaguar car after it had been left out by the children, who had been racing them around the floor earlier that day.

Belinda raced Indie straight to the Vets when she had noticed he didn’t seem to be quite himself, and started to breathe more heavily. Once at the Vets, Indie underwent x-rays, when it was confirmed beyond doubt that he had in fact swallowed the car. The images of the jaguar car lodged in Indie’s stomach showed the car intact, and the decision was made to operate to remove the car before it reached his intestines, where it may have become lodged and been fatal.

Luckily for Indie, and his owners, the operation was a success, and thanks to speedy reactions all round Indie is now recovering well at home. The family have kept the car which is now complete with bubbled paintwork from Indie’s stomach acid! The car originally came form a party bag at a friend’s wedding the day before and was an instant hit with the kids, and Indie alike.

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    Poor Indie! Wishing your pet a speedy recovery!