Search & Rescue dog finds lost Snowdon walkers

Monday 27th June, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


Search and rescue dog Cluanie managed to save three trapped walkers on mount Snowdon on Saturday afternoon at around 4pm, when they got lost in a thick cloud, above a steep drop. The walkers had phoned the mountain rescue team as soon as they realised they were lost and the rescue team went straight up in search of them, along with Cluanie and her handler Helen Howe. Cluanie discovered the walkers stuck on a ledge after being given an approximate location from Helen, which they had known from the earlier phone call. A team of five rescuers were then able to locate them from Cluanie and get them all safely off the mountain. Due to bad weather the helicopter was unable to fly meaning the only way to rescue was by foot so a quick find from Cluanie meant that the walkers didn’t suffer from hypothermia whilst waiting to be rescued.