RSPCA Rabbit Awareness Week 2011

Monday 23rd May, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


Rabbit Awareness Week is an annual event organised by the RSPCA, running over the course of a week, it includes events run by participating Vets, Retailers & Resuce Centres across the UK. The event runs from today (Monday 23rd) until Sunday (29th).

The aim is to raise awareness of the welfare needs of pet rabbits, to help them live happy and healthy lives. Thousands of rabbits are taken in by the RSPCA every year because owners are unable look after them. Rabbit Awareness Week is offering free health checks and education events to help owners gain a better understanding of what their pet needs. Visit the site to find a whole host of rabbit information, including a Vet near you search that shows your nearest Vet with free healthcare checks: Rabbit Awareness Week

This video is also part of Rabbit Awareness Week, so take a look: