Plastic Whiskers for Blind Dogs

Tuesday 17th August, 2010 by Compare Pet Care.


A Vet from Nottingham has come up with a concept to use plastic whiskers to help blind dogs find their way around more easily. Many dogs become blind with old age and develop cataracts, this causes them problems navigating their environment as their eyeslight deteroiates.

In one case with a dog called Dolly, the Vet used large cable ties attached to her collar. These are a cheap alternative to other products on the market, and within a few weeks Dolly no longer needed them. She had learnt where all the furniture was in the house, and now just needs them when she’s out on walks in unfamilar surroundings.

This is an in-expensive option to help your pet adapt to blindness better, although they might attract extra attention on your walk round the local park with their new whiskers!