Pet Insurance Offers

Saturday 10th October, 2009 by Compare Pet Care.


When choosing pet insurance nearly all of the leading insurers run regular offers, whilst these are every enticing, it’s key to ensure you have selected the right policy and not chosen the insurer based on the offer alone.

Most pet insurers give you a discount for applying online which usually varies from 5%-20%. Other pet insurance deals include prize draws, four weeks free insurance, 50% off prescription diet foods, multi pet discounts and recommend a friend bonuses.

One of the most beneficial offers, for pet owners who use prescription diets, would be the 50% off these diets as they can be expensive in comparison to normal foods. Pet Protect are the only insurers currently running this offer.

Regardless of the excellent offers available the most important thing to consider is that the policy matches your requirements, it’s too easy to be enticed by an offer for the short term benefit and then find a few years down the line that a particular condition isn’t covered. Read all the policy terms and conditions before proceeding with a new policy, this is the most important thing to remember when comparing pet insurance, no matter how good the offer is!