Pensioner Battles Alligator to save his Dog, Doogie

Monday 23rd May, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


Pensioner Gary Murphy, 72 years old from Palm City, Florida had to battle with an alligator to save his pet dog Doogie’s life. Doogie is a West Highland Terrier and was off his lead by marshland on the Port St Lucie River in Palm City when the attack took place. Mr Murphy saw his dog Doogie in the jaws of the alligator and jumped over a rope barrier onto the alligators back in an attempt to save him. He punched directly at the alligators head until he released Doogie and slid back into the water.

Doogie was left shaking and bleeding from the alligators sharp teeth and was taken straight to the vets. He was treated for his lung injuries, puncture wounds and liver damage. The Vet Andrea Pace who treated Doogie said he will survive all his injuries.

It is currently alligator mating season in Florida, which is why the reptiles can be seen more frequently. Pet owners have been advised they should keep their animals on a lead around water in prevalent areas. Mr Murphy said he now plans to put up an electric fence around his home to deter any other alligators from entering.