Patrol Dog in Afghanistan comes home

Thursday 16th June, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


A family from Warwickshire have been working hard with animal charity Nowzad to bring Peg, a 3 year old mongrel, back to the UK after being on patrol with their son in Afghanistan, who was sadly killed with his colleague earlier this year. Peg accompanied Private Lewis in his time with the 4th Battalion Parachute Regiment, and was named by the soldiers from the winged horse Pegasus, which is part of the regiments emblem.

The Lewis family had read a lot about Peg in their sons diaries, and feel a strong connection to their son, as she was by his side throughout his time in Afghanistan. The family have now been successful, and Peg is in quarantine until November when she will be allowed to go home with the family. Private Lewis’ father said it was worth the effort as his son had loved Peg and written about her all the time. The family have been visiting Peg every weekend, and are looking forward to having her home.

For more information on Nowzad please visit:

The Nowzad Dogs charity has been formed to do something positive for the cats, dogs and other animals of Afghanistan and Iraq that have no hope and nobody to care for them. We realise we cannot transport all of the stray dogs of Afghanistan and Iraq to loving homes, but we will do our best to promote animal welfare and to assist in vital animal aid work that is so desperately needed in Afghanistan and Iraq.