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Pet Insurance Claim Forms

Wednesday 17th March, 2010 by Compare Pet Care.


After receiving an e-mail question from a Compare Pet Care visitor, we thought it would make a useful blog post to compile all of the pet insurance claim forms that are currently available as PDFs. Where a pet insurance company does not have a PDF form available for download, we have included the contact details [...]

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Compulsory Dog Tax becomes a Dog’s Dinner

Tuesday 16th March, 2010 by Compare Pet Care.


As many dog owners will have probably heard the Government were planning on bringing in a compulsory insurance scheme for all dogs, as part of a crackdown on dangerous dogs in the UK. The announcement of the proposals was labelled by many as a ‘dog tax’, which would effectively penalize the responsible dog owners, over the irresponsible owners it should be targetting.

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Choosing Pet Insurance should be simple

Wednesday 10th February, 2010 by Greg Findley.


Following the results of our Pet Insurance Survey conducted last week, we’ve decided to start a petition to gain support for our vision that choosing Pet Insurance should be simple! Please sign the petition and pass the link onto friends and family who may have had the same difficulties when buying pet insurance!

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Our Pet Insurance Survey

Tuesday 2nd February, 2010 by Greg Findley.


We’ve decided to run a very short and simple survey to find out how many people find selecting their pet insurance policy a confusing experience. Please help us with this research by spending a few minutes to answer some very simple questions…

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Walkies in the Snow, 9 Tips to keep your Dog safe

Thursday 7th January, 2010 by Greg Findley.


Dogs still need exercise whatever the weather, with the current conditions hitting the UK here’s our tips to consider before and after walking your dog in the snow.

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Artist Dog Sells Paintings

Wednesday 21st October, 2009 by Compare Pet Care.


Sam, a sheep-dog cross has now painted 22 art canvases which have gone on to sell for over £1,000 a piece! Based in Maryland, USA Sam’s abstract paintings have become the must have piece in the trendy New York art galleries. Orders for Sam’s creative pieces have come in from all over the States.

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Keeping your Pet calm on Fireworks Night

Monday 19th October, 2009 by Compare Pet Care.


Fireworks can often lead to anxiety and stress for your pet, many pet owners worry about this time of the year, so here at Compare Pet Care we have put together some top tips on helping you to keep your pet calm.

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RSPCA Good Business Awards 2009

Saturday 10th October, 2009 by Greg Findley.


Incase any of our pet loving visitors missed the RSPCA Good Business Awards we thought we would give the winners a quick mention on our blog!
From high-street chain stores to small companies, restaurants to publicans the RSPCA Awards reflect good animal welfare…

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Pet Insurance Offers

Saturday 10th October, 2009 by Compare Pet Care.


When choosing pet insurance many have offers on throughout the year and it can be worth seeing what these are. Of course this is only saving you money if you have chosen the right policy and not chosen the insurer for the offer alone. Most pet insurers give you a discount for applying online which normally varies from 5%-20%. Other pet insurance deals include prize draws, 4 weeks free

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Pet Airways

Wednesday 15th July, 2009 by Greg Findley.


A new airline has been launched in the USA providing dedicated flights for cats and dogs. Rather than pets being held in the cargo storage area of the plane, Pet Airways lets their ‘pawsengers’ ride in the main cabin of specially converted airplanes.

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Vets and Pet Insurance – the link

Thursday 9th July, 2009 by Greg Findley.


Many people are confused about how the link between the Vets and pet insurers works. Each Vet will have a particular insurer they favour over another whether it is for promotion reasons, ease of claims or what they offer in the actual policy to the clients.

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