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Deaf Dog Snowy Learns Sign Language

Wednesday 10th August, 2011 by Claire Lodge.


Snowy, a 4-year-old Staffordshire cross, has learnt to understand sign language as a way of communicating with her owner. Snowy’s owner Lynne Chapman adopted Snowy four years ago from an animal shelter where she had been taken by her previous owners, it’s thought she had been mistreated as they did not realise she was deaf and just thought she was a naughty dog who would not listen to commands.

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Cocker Spaniel pup Izy stuck down a Hole for 4 days

Wednesday 3rd August, 2011 by Claire Lodge.


Ivy, a four-month old cocker spaniel was rescued from a deep fox hole in woods near Burghclere, Hampshire on Thursday 28th July. She had been missing for four days when she was found by a member of the public that happened to be walking past.

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700 Cats, One Lady Owner

Tuesday 2nd August, 2011 by Claire Lodge.


Lynea Lattanzio lives alone on her 12 acres of land in Parlier, California where she runs her cat sanctuary, which currently is home to over 700 cats and 15 dogs. She takes in cats from all over the World and has a strict no cage, no killing adoption policy.

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Soldier’s Best Friend – Hobo Survives Afghanistan Attack

Monday 1st August, 2011 by Claire Lodge.


Army explosives sniffer dog, Hobo was out on patrol when he was nearly killed during a Taliban grenade attack on the front line in Afghanistan. Hobo, the 2-year-old black Labrador was searching for Taliban bombs when he was seriously wounded by three pieces of shrapnel, which left him bleeding from his neck, abdomen and body.

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Kitten Sent in a Spin – Princess Survives Washing Machine

Thursday 28th July, 2011 by Claire Lodge.


A little 8 week old kitten called Princess went on an adventure in her home in Aberdeen on Friday night when her owner wasn’t looking, only to be found in the washing machine an hour later after being stuck on a spin cycle.

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Paco the Chihuahua chases armed robbers

Tuesday 19th July, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


Two masked robbers armed with guns charged into a cigar store in California to take money, but ended up being chased down the road by a brave Chihuahua named Paco. The incident took place at the Ace Smoke shop in LA, California and was caught on the stores surveillance video.

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Where does your Cat Roam?

Monday 18th July, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


A recent study carried out for Bayer Animal Health surveyed over 3,000 cat owners and carried out 768 hours of GPS tracking using Cat Navs. The Cat Navs were fitted to 9 cats over 8 days in total and managed to collect 150 hours worth of camera footage from the tiny cameras that were attached to the cats collars. The findings from the study were published in a report called The Secret Lives of Cats, which detailed the behavioural traits of our feline friends.

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Pets taking Social Media by storm! Tweeting Cats & Dogs on Facebook

Wednesday 13th July, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


A new breed of social media has begun, for pets, according to a recent survey, one in ten pets now have their own profile page on a social networking site such as Facebook. It was also revealed that more than 50% of pet owners post updates with photos & videos of their pets and their antics on to social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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Jack Russell Bailey Falls 80ft into the Sea

Tuesday 12th July, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


Bailey the Jack Russell terrier was out walking off his lead with his owners Mr and Mrs Matthews and his fellow doggie companion Lucy, when he fell into the sea from an 80ft sheer cliff in Dorset. He fell into three feet of water which prevented him from having any serious injuries, but left him stranded in the sea paddling frantically.

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Top 10 Pet Names – Human Names now favoured

Monday 11th July, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


A new survey carried out on UK pet owners with 36,000 pets, concluded that we are now choosing more human names for our pets over the common traditional pet names.

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25% Online Discount with The Co-Operative Pet Insurance

Thursday 7th July, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


There's a new addition to our listed pet insurance companies, The Co-Operative insurance, who are currently offering a 25% online discount for new policies until 31st December 2011.

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Dog’s Best Friend – Dean saves his dog’s life with CPR

Tuesday 5th July, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


Dean Allen, a 15-year-old boy risked his own life by jumping into a river to save his pet dog, Bronk, from drowning. Dean had taken his dog for a casual walk with his friend, by the River Ryton near where he lived in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

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New Passport Rules for Pets

Friday 1st July, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


The new Passport Rules being put in place will allow thousands more pet owners to take their pets abroad with them for the first time. The new rules should also save pet owners around £7 million a year in fees.

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Up to 75% Off Cat & Dog Products in the ZooPlus Sale

Thursday 30th June, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


We rarely talk about pet supplies and retailers on the blog, but thought we would give a special mention to zooplus after finding their sale & snapping up a few bargains last night!

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Search & Rescue dog finds lost Snowdon walkers

Monday 27th June, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


Search and rescue dog Cluanie, saved three walkers on Saturday at around 4pm, when they had got lost on Snowdon in thick cloud above a steep drop. The walkers phoned the mountain rescue team as soon as they realised they were lost and the rescue team went up the mountain in search of them, along with Cluanie and her handler Helen Howe.

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