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New research suggests dogs can understand our emotions

Monday 11th June, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


New research has confirmed what all dog lovers knew anyway ai??i?? that our beloved pets can feel our pain and understand our emotions. A recent study highlighted the fact that dogs nuzzle and lick humans when they think they are in distress.

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1 in 3 would rather share the bed with their Pets!

Thursday 7th June, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


We have always been known as a nation of dog lovers and latest research has proved this to be more than true. According to a new study, more than half of Britons let their cats and dogs sleep on their beds, while almost three quarters allow their animals to sleep in the master bedroom.

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Mastiff cross Libby returned home after six years

Wednesday 30th May, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


Everyone loves a happy ending and this story will certainly bring a tear to the eye, a dog owner from Kent, who had given up all hope of ever seeing her dog again, had the emotional privilege of being reunited with her six years after she was stolen.

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New ITV Series – Top Dog Model

Monday 28th May, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


An ITV production team is on the look-out for the UK’s next top dog model. No, we’re not barking mad; if you have a handsome-looking, perfectly posing pooch then you could be on to a winner.

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Izzy wins Hero Pet of the Year 2012

Tuesday 22nd May, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


A delightful small terrier cross has been named Hero Pet of the Year after she saved the life of her diabetic owner – TWICE.

Eleven year old Izzy rescued her owner David Robinson, who has type 1 diabetes, by alerting his wife, Julie, that he was semi-unconscious after suffering what is believed to have been a sudden hypoglycaemic attack.

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Pudsey to hit the treadmill after Britain’s Got Talent Win

Thursday 17th May, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


After all the euphoria of his magical win on Britain’s Got Talent, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Pudsey, (the collie, Chinese crested and Bichon fries cross) would be laid relaxing in his basket at home recovering from the incredible journey he has been on in the last few months.

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TV Channel for dogs launched in San Diego

Monday 20th February, 2012 by Claire Lodge.

Dog TV Logo

A new TV channel has been launched in America this week, which is designed and themed specifically for dogs. It currently runs 24 hours a day and provides dogs with stimulating visuals and audio entertainment. The channel shows various footage designed to match the mood of your pooch and can range from cruising along in a car on the motorway, to a dog snoozing in an open field.

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Uggie retires from the Big Screen to relax by the pool!

Thursday 26th January, 2012 by Greg Findley.


Star of 'The Artist', 10 year old Jack Russell, Uggie, will be taking a step back from the big screen to enjoy his time relaxing by the pool. His acting career has seen him feature in two award winning films, Water for Elephants and more recently, The Artist.

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Save 25% with M&S Pet Insurance

Thursday 5th January, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


M&S Pet Insurance have launched a new promotion to celebrate the New Year, offering 25% online discount for new policies purchased before 29th February 2012.

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Why you shouldn’t trust Pet insurance Reviews

Saturday 31st December, 2011 by Claire Lodge.


When comparing products and services it’s natural as a consumer to want to read about other peoples experiences, both from people you know, and as a general guide from a wider audience. Unfortunately there’s a number of reasons why you shouldn’t follow this theory when searching for pet insurance.

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Pebbles 101 Dalmatians Sized Litter of 15 Pups

Tuesday 20th December, 2011 by Claire Lodge.


Pebbles, a dalmatian from Wales recreated part of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians storyline this week, with her large and rather unexpected delivery of 15 pups! Her owners, Kay and Neil have already said for obvious reasons they won’t be able to keep all of the pups, but are enjoying looking after them until new homes can be found.

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Speedy recovery for Indie the Labrador after eating a Toy Car

Thursday 1st September, 2011 by Claire Lodge.


Two year old black Labrador, Indie, had to be rushed to the Vets when they realized he may have eaten the toy jaguar car after it had been left out by the children, who had been racing them around the floor earlier that day.

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The Rising Costs of Owning a Pet (Infographic)

Tuesday 30th August, 2011 by Greg Findley.


Eau de Mutt has taken the fragrance market by storm, outselling its sweet selling celebrity perfume rivals, with the delicate smell of a wet dog. Available for just one day only, April 1st, it seems that the exclusivity of the product has driven demand beyond expectations.

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£8,000 Facelift for Bloodhound Junior covered by Pet Insurance

Thursday 18th August, 2011 by Greg Findley.


Junior the 5-year-old Bloodhound suffered from a rare skin disorder that prevented him from properly growing into his skin from a pup. This left him with so much excess skin above his face it folded over his eyes and he struggled to to see. His owners Denise and David Smart were so worried about him they took him to the Vet, the result after several visits, referral to a specialist, and a complex facelift operation was an £8,000 bill. Fortunately the operation was a complete success, and the £8,000 Vets bill was covered by their pet insurance policy with PetPlan.

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Beau the ‘Genius’ Maths Dog

Wednesday 17th August, 2011 by Claire Lodge.


Beau the 12-year-old Labrador, from Montana, had become a bit of a celebrity with his new-found skill of completing sums thanks to his owner, David Madsen. He can add, subtract, calculate square roots and exhibits his calculating skills to the locals in nearby shops and restaurants. All Beau asks in return from his owners is a biscuit for his hard work, and with an 85% accuracy rate, it’s not much to ask!

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