Paco the Chihuahua chases armed robbers

Tuesday 19th July, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


Two masked robbers armed with guns charged into a cigar store in California to take money, but ended up being chased down the road by a brave Chihuahua named Paco. The incident took place at the Ace Smoke shop in LA, California and was caught on the stores surveillance video.

The robbers entered the store yelling, which obviosuly upset Paco, as he started barking aggresively before making a quick jump for one of their legs. Paco’s quick reactions took the robbers by surprise, and despite his small 10 pound frame he was able to intimidate them enough to flee from the store! Paco completed his heroic duties by chasing them out of the street, growling and barking the whole way.

Paco’s owner Eric Knight, was not in the store when the event occured but got to see it all on the CCTV tapes a little later. Eric said it was amazing what Paco did, and despite the robbers getting away with $200 he was just glad that Paco escaped injury-free.

Paco was rescued a few years ago by a local man, and is already a bit of a local celebrity, as he can often be seen wondering the neighbourhood, and even has his own bed setup in the nearby Bar! All the neighbours were surprised to hear of Paco’s brave antics as he is known as such a laid back dog. Well done Paco!

  • Angelique

    Woohooo! Way to go Paco!