One Courageous Kitty!

Tuesday 21st December, 2010 by Claire Lodge.


Tinsel the charmingly adorable black and white cat has used up two of her nine lives in just a year, showing amazing willpower and really adding credit for the courageous nature of felines everywhere. The poor cat, who lives with her loving owners in Newcastle-under-lyme, was sadly attacked with an airgun last year, after a 2 hour operation two pellets were removed from her, and she had to undergo major organ repair.

However, Tinsel bounced back and was as frisky as ever, until a year later, when she was hit by a car crossing the street. She fractured her pelvis in the incident, but Vets were able to replace this with a metal plate, and, once again, the outgoing kitty has come back fighting fit! Tim Gamble, her owner, has said these events haven’t phased Tinsel in the slightest and she still goes outside often and continues to explore.

Mr Gamble was told both times to be prepared for the worst when Tinsel went in for her operations, but Tinsel really showed pluck and determination and came back without any problems at all, and on both occasoins was back on her feet in no time at all. With seven lives left let’s hope Tinsel has more luck over the coming years!