New ‘Pupcakes’, the cupcake for your Dog!

Thursday 21st June, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


If your dog is a little on the plump side but you find yourself unable to say no to those appealing, puppy-love eyes, it may interest you to learn that a Manchester baker has designed edible non-fattening cupcakes for sweet-toothed pooches.

Thirty-seven year old Laura Draper, from the Didsbury area, is responsible for conjuring up the recipe for the dog-friendly cupcakes, and the cake shop owner believes they could be the best tail-wagging treat of all for your four-legged friend – deliciously delightful while still keeping that tummy in trim.

Incidentally, the cupcakes can also be eaten by humans, so you can put your feet up, relax and treat yourself at the same time.

Made from low-fat peanut butter, gluten-free flour, bananas and low-fat cream cheese frosting , the treats are sometimes be decorated with Bonio biscuits or doggy chocolate drops to make them even more appealing to your extremely pampered pooch. Taking everything into consideration it seems likely that these ‘pupcakes’ will prove to be top-dog as far as new pet food products are concerned.

Laura with one of her low-fat Pupcake creations, and a keen customer!

Laura with one of her low-fat Pupcake creations, and a keen customer!

According to Laura, the doggy cupcakes are flying off the shelves of her Airyfairy Cake Boutique, and, because of the remarkable success of the venture, she is now considering making larger cakes for bigger dogs such as Alsatians.

Nor are the lucky dogs the only ones who appreciate what Laura is doing. Many experts have praised her for designing treats that dogs can enjoy without piling on the extra unwanted pounds.

Recent surveys on dog health have shown that over 30% of the dog population in Britain is overweight whilst it is anticipated that by 2022 over half of the population will be deemed obese.

This is a startling and upsetting figure.

So, figuratively speaking, if you want your dog to avoid being included in that naughty number, Laura’s canine cupcakes could be at least part of the answer – and all in the best possible taste.