New Passport Rules for Pets

Friday 1st July, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


The new Passport Rules being put in place will allow thousands more pet owners to take their pets abroad with them for the first time. The new rules should also save pet owners around £7 million a year in fees. Previously any pet owner wanting to take their pet abroad and bring them back into Britain had to have their pet vaccinated against rabies 6 months prior to returning. They also had to be microchipped and have had a blood test carried out a month after the vaccination to check the vaccine had worked. If the results returned clear a passport would then be issued to that pet.

The new change will mean that pets will only need to be vaccinated 21 days before coming back into Britain and there will no longer be a blood test requirement. It will help people to move within the European Union without having to leave their pets behind, and will save each owner approximately £100 on the blood tests. It is currently estimated a 100,000 owners a year use the Pet Passport scheme to take their animals abroad with them. This change will make Britain come into line with the regulations that are currently in place across the European Union and is due to come into force at the beginning of 2012.