New Modern Barkitecture for our Pets

Tuesday 24th May, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


If your dog is fed up of being in the dog house, then it might be time to invest in a contemporary piece of architecture for your pooch. A new craze of mini-architecture pieces for pets is becoming very popular for owners looking to treat their pets to the ultimate kennel!

The trend that’s picked up the nickname, Barkitecture (thanks to a book on the subject) is attracting a lot of interest, with well-known designers such as Trent Tesch, an architect based in New York, becoming involved in designing new dog houses. Trent’s biggest success in this area has been his circular dog house which was inspired by the circular movement of a dog as it curls up to sleep.

Trent Tisch Dog House

One of the best projects of the year has been the ‘[Sub]urban Doghouse’, designed by Brian Pickard of Pickard Design. He believes the designs are ideal for people who love modern architecture, but can’t afford it for their own homes, so the mini-form for their pet lets them have a small piece.

The trend for modern pet products isn’t limited to just our canine friends, as the market for pet products continues to grow, there’s a whole range of contemporary cat beds, scratchers, perches, and litter boxes for our feline friends. There’s even a new environmentally friendly Chicken ‘Co-Op’ coop which is a luxury option for the modern chicken, the coop features floor to ceiling windows allowing for unparalleled views and is as stylish as they come.

Modern Chicken Coop