New Dyson Grooming Tool for Dogs

Friday 5th November, 2010 by Compare Pet Care.


Dyson are set to launch a new vacuum product onto the UK market, but this time it’s for use on your pet rather than your furniture. Previous innovations from Dyson have seen ‘Animal’ branded hoovers for sucking up pet hairs from your sofa and carpets, but the new groom tool add-on is certainly a more direct approach.

Featuring stainless steel bristles, it will remove loose hair and dead skin before it’s left behind in your home, which as well as being a time saving home cleaning tool, should also be a health benefit for allergy sufferers. Inventor, and public face of Dyson, James Dyson had this to say about the new product, “A moulting dog isn’t man’s best friend. Conventional grooming tools create a fur cloud and more cleaning.” The Dyson Groom tool has been fully tested and will be suitable for medium to long hair dog breeds.

It’s available to buy online through the Dyson website now, for £40, and is compatible with most modern Dyson models – Dyson Grooming Tool.

It will be interesting to see how the product is received by animal lovers across the Country, I think the biggest challenge will be in teaching your dog to not be scared of the Dyson any longer!!

  • Anthony John Panter

    Have two large White German Shepherd Dogs abd a house full of white fur. Your new groomer is just the piece of equipment that could be the answer to our problem. Can you tell me were I go to buy one?

  • Compare Pet Care

    Hi Anthony,

    They’re currently just available from Dyson’s website:
    Though I believe they will be made available in High Street stores in Spring 2011.

    Hope it proves to be the solution for the white fur! :)

  • Marie

    I bought the Dyson Dog Grooming Tool. Months later and many phone calls and emails later I had to return it as it doesn’t fit on to the hose end of my Dyson DC05!! even though I checked the serial number with Dyson before buying. They expected me to fit it onto the 7 inch curved purple pipe on the end – try grooming your dog with all this on there – impossible!! Dyson have cocked up in not checking the full working compatibility with the older models. The pictures on the website and in their product catalogues are incorrect for the older models. BEWARE before you buy even if your serial number seems ok on their website!