Mastiff cross Libby returned home after six years

Wednesday 30th May, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


Everyone loves a happy ending and this story will certainly bring a tear to the eye.

A dog owner from Kent, who had given up all hope of ever seeing her beloved pet dog again, had the emotional privilege of being reunited with her six years after she was stolen.

The Rescue Mastiff cross named Libby disappeared after chasing another dog on the seafront. The dog warden and police were both contacted and several posters were put up requesting information, but all efforts to trace Libby came to nothing. It was believed, at that stage, that someone must have found the dog and taken her in illegally.

Months passed, then years, and her original owner, Jean Muslun, eventually resigned herself to the fact that she was never going to see her pet again.

But then she got the call she had always dreamt of receiving. Libby had been found.

The man who had ‘owned’ Libby for the past six years had died and neighbours, who had apparently always suspected that the dog had been stolen, informed the veterinary practice, where the pet had been taken, of their suspicions. Consequently the dog was scanned and a microchip revealed that Jean was, in fact, the rightful owner.

Needless to say, Jean was even more thrilled when she went to collect the dog and it instantly recognised her and started wagging her tail. When Jean also called her by her nickname of ‘Libby Doo’ the dog became even more excited.

After taking Libby home, Jean realised the dog hadn’t forgotten a thing. She was especially surprised when the dog not only recognised the family, she also made herself completely at home by going straight to the bedroom and lying on the bed!

Jean now believes all her Christmases have come at once.