Mason the Dog survives a Tornado & 2 Broken Legs

Tuesday 7th June, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


When tornadoes hit Alabama on April 27th, Mason the 1-year-old terrier had been hiding in his owner’s garage in North Smithfield. Unfortunately the garage didn’t hold up during the tornado and Mason was swept away with the winds, along with other houses, structures and up-rooted trees. After the tornado had blown over and hours of searching, there was still no sign of Mason, so his family started to think the worst. Two weeks later the family returned home to start sorting through their belongings and were shocked to find Mason sitting on their doorstep!

He was badly injured with two broken legs, which he had somehow managed to crawl home on, they took him straight to the local veterinary clinic and with the help of the Vets and local donations, Mason underwent an operation to have plates fixed to his two front legs.

Mason is now staying in an animal shelter, temporarily, whilst his owners try to piece their home back together. Mason is currently receiving physical therapy on his legs and should be back home with the family in 4-5 weeks. This survival story has made him a local celebrity with his own Facebook page and over 7,500 friends. His owners say that he is still the social, friendly dog he was before the incident and the Vet looking after Mason says he expects him to make a full recovery.

  • John P. Mack

    The dog’s heart is bigger than most of us. He is loyal and true to his family. If ever there was a chance to adopt him, put me on the top of the list.