Leaving your Pet when you go on Holiday

Wednesday 17th November, 2010 by Compare Pet Care.


You would think that most pet owners would look to get their pet booked in with a local kennels or cattery for the duration of a holiday, or make arrangements with family or friends to look after them. A recent survey by online travel agent Sunshine.co.uk has discovered that this is worringly often, not the case.

  • 28% of pet owners have left their animal home alone for a week or more
  • 81% with a ‘small animal’ would leave them alone for a week
  • Half have asked a friend, relative or neighbour to care for their pet whilst on holiday
  • 41% think leaving a pet to go on holiday ‘does no harm’

Their survey of over 1,300 pet owners in the UK revealed that a 28% would leave their pet at home for a week or more as long as it had enough food & water to last, 10% of which were dog owners! This is a very alarming statistic, whilst there’s a range of timer based pet feeding bowls available, to leave a dog stuck in a house for this duration is definitely not a good idea. Besides damage they could cause to your home and furnishings, they could easily become distressed, or worse still injure themselves.

We’d be interested to hear what arrangements you make for your pet whilst on holiday, do you rely on friends & family, a local kennel/cattery, pet sitters? or perhaps even look at dog friendly hotels? Let us know in the comments below…