Kitten Sent in a Spin – Princess Survives Washing Machine

Thursday 28th July, 2011 by Claire Lodge.


A little 8 week old kitten called Princess went on an adventure in her home in Aberdeen on Friday night when her owner wasn’t looking, only to be found in the washing machine an hour later after being stuck on a spin cycle. Susan Gorden, her owner from Aberdeen, assumed she was playing elsewhere in the house until the wash finished and her husband opened the door to find Princess. She was soaked through, lethargic, shivering and clinging onto her wet jeans. Princess was taken straight to the local Vets and Susan trying to dry and comfort her as much as she could on the way.

Judy Drysdale was the veterinary surgeon on duty at the Vets Now clinic at Ardene House at the time, and said she arrived shaken up, cold, and suffered a nose bleed and sore eyes. Princess initially received oxygen therapy, pain relief and was placed on a heat pad to help bring her body temperature back to normal. She went on to spend 3 nights at the Vets, and has thankfully now made a full recovery.

Susan said she doesn’t seem to have any long-term fear of the washing machine or laundry since the events, as she continues to chase her sons socks around at home!