Jack Russell Bailey Falls 80ft into the Sea

Tuesday 12th July, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


Bailey the Jack Russell terrier was out walking off his lead with his owners Mr and Mrs Matthews and his fellow doggie companion Lucy, when he fell into the sea from an 80ft sheer cliff in Dorset. He fell into three feet of water which prevented him from having any serious injuries, but left him stranded in the sea paddling frantically. Luckily a couple at sea on a yacht passing by spotted Bailey struggling and the man jumped in his dingy and rowed straight over to Bailey in an attempt to rescue him. Bailey was safely rescued into the dingy and returned to his owners which, by this point Mr Matthews had already waded halfway into sea after Bailey.

The couple had been walking their dogs at Old Harry Rocks, near Swanage in Dorset when the accident happened. Mrs Matthews said that they where walking along with the dogs off the lead and Bailey suddenly disappeared into a hedge, which had a small gap and then a huge drop behind. She looked around but couldn’t see Bailey anywhere and that’s when Mr Matthews ran down to the beach whilst she grabbed Lucy. Both Mr and Mrs Matthews thought that they would find Bailey dead at the bottom of the cliff, but when they reached the bottom they realised he had survived but was struggling to stay afloat. They are both extremely grateful to the man who saved their dog from drowning. Bailey hasn’t been the only one, with several dogs falling of the cliffs in recent months, but Mrs Matthews realises it was entirely their fault and that people, herself included, need to be aware of the dangers when walking dogs so close to the cliffs edge.