Increase in Spending Habits for our Pets

Wednesday 3rd November, 2010 by Compare Pet Care.


Grilled cat meat has become one of the newest successful products this year due to owners spending more money on their pets. Owners seem to be more health conscious for their pets even in the current economic climate.

Sales of the new Gourmet A la Carte by Nestle Purina range food which looks just like human food with pasta in has increased in sales along with Whiskas simply range which launched this February. Both contain more real looking food which has increased pet food sales by 6.7% in the last year. We now spend £1.5 billion a year on pet food with cats benefiting the most from this by their owners with 26.3% increase in cat treat sales.

It seems this humanising has come about from a range of sociological reasons according to researchers such as an increase in single person households. The loneliness and longer working hours are making us form closer attachments to our pets. It seems we want to treat our pets more and make sure what we feed them also has a nutritional benefit which can only be a good thing for our fluffy friends.