IKEA Cats Advert

Saturday 11th September, 2010 by Compare Pet Care.


Swedish home and furniture store IKEA has launched it’s new advertising campaign with the help of 100 cats! Advertising agency Mother London came up with the original concept for the ad, in which 100 cats are released into the IKEA Wembley store, along with the new slogan of ‘happy inside’.

For any cat lovers/owners out there this ad is sure to bring a smile to your face, there is also an element of viral advertising with the campaign, with cats general popularity on the internet being very strong with the likes of lolcats.

The creative director at Mother London, said: “The idea behind the work is that cats know better than anything what makes them feel happy inside. They live their lives in pursuit of their own comfort. So we released a hundred cats into the Ikea Wembley store, for real, to see where they went and what furniture made them happy.”

  • N Bain

    I loved this advert the first time I seen it but now find it a bit sad due to the lack of black or black and white cats. Maybe Ikea seen them as too unlucky to have them in their advertisement.

  • JonB

    The add looks OK, but when you see the way it was filmed (now on youtube), it is clear that the cats were stressed and unhappy. It is pretty disgraceful that this add was filmed like this, because it could easily have been done without causing distress to the animals

  • roz hamilton

    Just a quick note to say I took part in this huge campaign. I had 47 Ragdolls there along with 7 Sphynx. Friends of mine were the back up with their Ragdolls and Turks. We had a ball, as did the cats, whilst on set.
    I am delighted that ‘Mother’ and ‘Tooth and Claw’ (including Ikea) have had such success.
    To see more re the making of the advertisement and see my cats ‘close up and personal’ visit http://www.myragdollcatsandkittens.com and http://www.phatpaws.com.

    Roz ‘

  • Rosemarie Wakeman

    Love, love, love this advert, the cats are so natural. Very, very well done!

  • Emma

    i want to know how all the cats and owners were reunited, seems like a logistical nightmare to me

  • Amanda

    Loved the ad how long did it take to film and where did all the cats come from?

  • Rachel

    It took them 14 hours overnight, and they opened as normal the next day!
    All the cats came from local cat owners and rearers – i love the advert, its so unique and speaks for itself without shoving the brand in your face! i think its lovely!

  • Kate

    JonB- the cats don’t look upset at all- in fact they are exploring and falling asleep! Do you even own cats? Mine freak out in ‘terror’ from nothing, so these cats are clearly quite happy.