Firework Night is nearly here, look after your Pets tomorrow

Thursday 4th November, 2010 by Compare Pet Care.


Make sure you keep your pet calm this firework night, these are our top tips:

  • Close the curtains/blinds so the bright flashes don’t startle your pet.
  • If your dog is of a nervous disposition, try to minimize time spent in the garden, ensure you let them out just before it gets dark to avoid them needing to go out when fireworks will be at their busiest!
  • Put on a radio or TV louder than usual to help cover the loud noises.
  • Lock your cat flap so they don’t get caught outside, if they are outside when fireworks start it’s more than likely they will find somewhere to hide and not return until a lot later. Giving both you and your cat a restless night!
  • Try and remain calm yourself,  if you keep checking on them and fussing they will sense that there is something to fear.
  • If your dog gets stressed and begins to claw at the carper or furniture in attempt to dig a hole, don’t raise your voice as this will only make the situation ten times worse.
  • Cats tend to find a hiding spot behind a sofa or under a bed, leave them here as bringing them out for cuddles won’t help them feel any safer.
  • Rabbits or small animals kept outside should be brought indoors for the night

According to research,  fireworks cause around 45% of dogs to show signs of stress and fear during this time. The Blue Cross animal charity have urged pet owners to get their animals microchipped ahead of November 5th just in case they escape the home in a panic. They have also produced a free Fireworks &d animals advice leaflet which is available to download from