Wet Dog Perfume is a bestseller!

Friday 1st April, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


Eau de Mutt has taken the fragrance market by storm, outselling it’s sweet selling celebrity perfume rivals, with the delicate smell of a wet dog. Available for just one day only, April 1st, it seems that the exclusivity of the product has driven demand beyond expectations.

The creators, Scotland based company, Moggy, believe its success lies in giving something back to the owners, for years the popularity of buying little gifts for your dog has soared, from collars to coats. The Eau De Mutt fragrance allows the owner to keep that fresh wet dog smell of their companion with them all day. With it’s competetive pricing edge, at just £15 for a small bottle, and exclusive demand, this fragrance could become the fragrance success story of the year.

Watch out Chanel No. 5, there’s a wet dog out for your spot!

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    HA HA… anyone noticed the date…! On second thoughts, it might just catch on.