Deaf Dog Snowy Learns Sign Language

Wednesday 10th August, 2011 by Claire Lodge.


Snowy, a 4-year-old Staffordshire cross, has learnt to understand sign language as a way of communicating with her owner. Snowy’s owner Lynne Chapman adopted Snowy four years ago from an animal shelter where she had been taken by her previous owners, it’s thought she had been mistreated as they did not realise she was deaf and just thought she was a naughty dog who would not listen to commands. When Lynne first went to the shelter she said she used to go and sit by Snowy so she could get to know her, she would always come up wagging her tail. Despite her bent leg and wonky eye, possibly due to previous mistreatment, Lynne knew she was the dog for her.

Snowy settled in well at her new home with Lynne, until an unfortunate event where she escaped from the garden after being scared by passing school children. It was this event that prompted Lynne to try hand signals, after chasing her down the road and realizing she wouldn’t respond to any amount of shouting or calling. Luckily Snowy responded instantly to Lynne’s hand signals, and Lynne, with the help of a family friend, has gone on to teach Snowy a selection of signalled commands she uses on a daily basis, including; come here, on my lap, home, bedtime, no, and food.

It’s clear Snowy has come on a long way since her shelter days, and it’s great to see such a happy ending for both Snowy & Lynne.

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