Compulsory Dog Tax becomes a Dog’s Dinner

Tuesday 16th March, 2010 by Compare Pet Care.


As many dog owners will have probably heard the Government were planning on bringing in a compulsory insurance scheme for all dogs, as part of a crackdown on dangerous dogs in the UK. The announcement of the proposals was labelled by many as a ‘dog tax’, which would effectively penalize the responsible dog owners, over the irresponsible owners it should be targetting.

Following the public reaction, and the critisicm from the Conservatives ahead of the General election, Hilary Benn, the environment secretary announced today, 16th April, that this proposal has been ruled out. This is good news for the millions of responsible dog owners in the UK, and a rather embarassing set back for Labour ahead of the elections.

Here at Compare Pet Care we believe the Government should be working towards a solution to prevent dog attacks, that have been heavily featured in the press in recent years; but the idea of a tax, or, compulsory dog insurance, imposed on all dog owners is impractical and simply unfair. We’re pleased to see todays news, as I’m sure dog owners up and down the UK are. Surely all the funds that are being spent on writing reports, drawing up proposals and backtracking on them could be better spent actually finding the irresponsible dog owners, through co-operation between the RSPCA, the Kennel Club and the police.

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