Cocker Spaniel pup Izy stuck down a Hole for 4 days

Wednesday 3rd August, 2011 by Claire Lodge.


Ivy, a four-month old cocker spaniel was rescued from a deep fox hole in woods near Burghclere, Hampshire on Thursday 28th July. She had been missing for four days when she was found by a member of the public that happened to be walking past.

Hampshire Fire service’s Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team came straight to Ivy’s rescue and brought with them flexible search cameras and listening devices, which was the same equipment that been used to rescue victims of Japan and New Zealand’s recent earthquakes. The equipment was used to aid with her rescue as they could monitor where she was and how she was doing whilst digging, to help ensure that she did not suffer any further injuries.

After 2 hours of digging the rescue team managed to see Ivy’s face, but she was still trapped in the tight tunnel as her hips and legs were underneath her chest, so she was unable to climb or claw her way out. They gave her some water whilst they slowly removed the soil around her to finally be able to release her up and out the hole.

She was taken straight to the Vets where she was placed on a drip overnight to replace fluids she had lost from not being able to eat or drink for four days. She is now back to health and making a full recovery at her home.

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    nice to have a happy ending to this story.,there are people who do care…LAURA LEE.