Christmas Cards for Pets!

Friday 17th December, 2010 by Claire Lodge.


Nowadays it’s not enough to get a Christmas card from your family and friends and send them out in return- the pets need to get involved too! A new craze for sending Christmas cards from your pets is sweeping the nation with lots of cards wishing people season’s greetings from Fido suddenly appearing on shelves. Now, with the help of various internet sites people can even send their animal Christmas cards with a photo of their beloved pet to make it really personal.

Some people are even going the extra mile to have their pet send cards to other pets on the street. Dogs are even sending them to cats! It really is the season of good will it seems!

The idea is that pets have their own thoughts and feelings that they want to express to us, and they can tell something special is happening at certain times of the year and really want to get involved in it as well. Cards that have quirky comments like “Meowy Christmas—It only takes a moment to meow, ‘I love you,’ but I’ll take nine lives to show you how much!” are becoming really popular and you genuinely can imagine your pets wanting to say these things to you.

It’s not just Christmas that inspires cards from your pets though, sending a get well card from Rover when Tessie goes to the vets is common, and thank you cards to vets and personal trainers also come up a lot too when it comes to buying cards. Some owners are even getting their pets to sign it with a paw print. Watch out for next year when card companies promise you’ll be able to get Valentines cards to send between your pets! Ah, l’amour des doggies.