Choosing Pet Insurance should be simple

Wednesday 10th February, 2010 by Greg Findley.


Following the results of our Pet Insurance Survey conducted last week, we’ve decided to start a petition to gain support for our vision that choosing Pet Insurance should be simple! Please sign the petition and pass the link onto friends and family who may have had the same difficulties when buying pet insurance!

Here’s the full press release we have sent out to raise awareness for the petition;

In a recent survey just 11 per cent of pet owners said that they found buying pet insurance easy and straightforward, with over 65 per cent saying that variations in phrases and policy specific terms were the source of confusion. is a website that aims to enable pet owner’s quick and easy comparison of the pet insurance policies available in the UK.

The site was created by web designer Greg Findley who experienced the confusing policy sales tactics when searching for pet insurance for his family’s pets.

Greg Findley commented, “Each insurer seems to have their own catalogue of sales phrases and buzzwords to sell their policies, trying to compare policies alongside each other becomes a headache as it’s hard to truly understand what is and isn’t included.”

“Our recent survey of pet owners just confirmed what we had suspected, finding and buying pet insurance is not an easy process. We found that 44 per cent of the people we asked simply started their policy based on recommendation from a friend. With just eight per cent referring to the Defaqto rating system when researching policies”.

Compare Pet Care is encouraging pet owners who have found buying pet insurance to be a confusing process to sign the petition at: It’s hoped that with enough support we can pressure the leading insurance companies to agree on some common policy phrases to make buying pet insurance an easier process.