Cat Returns Home after Five Months

Sunday 3rd October, 2010 by Compare Pet Care.


Pheonix the cat has been returned home after 5 months away from his owners Olivia and Andy. He ran from his carrier as he was being put into the car during the family move from Farnborough in Hampshire, to Middlesborough in North Yorkshire.

His owners Olivia and Andy returned to their old home in hopes he may return, and Andy even stayed there for 2 weeks, with no such luck they were forced to continued their new life without Pheonix up in Yorkshire. Luckily Pheonix turned up at their old home some 5 months later! A neighbour had taken in Pheonix and when she took him to the vet, a scan of his microchip returned Olivia’s contact details. The family made the 10-hour round trip to collect Pheonix as soon as they heard he was alive and safe. He is now settled happily in the new family home with his owners in Middlesborough, all thanks to his microchip. Olivia had re-homed Phoenix from the RSPCA 10 years ago when he was found abandoned on an old building site.

Around half a million animals have been microchipped in the last five years alone and this lucky owner shows it is more than worth the small cost.