Cat Fun House

Sunday 7th November, 2010 by Compare Pet Care.


An American couple have customised their home in San Diego so their feline friends can have more fun getting around. Complete with cat staircases and ceiling high walkways, the network of cat paths cuts through the walls with various shaped holes and the new installation also includes neon lighting so they can look down on the rest of the home. Other addditions to the home include giant wall scratch posts, and a variety of hanging cat toys.


Bob took inspiration from a memory of a train set his uncle had, which went round the full circle of a room. It all started with the giant scratching post, consisting of nearly 400 feet of rope, he says the cats used to run up the post but then had nowhere to go, so it just natually evolved.

If possession is nine-tenths of the law, then this really is their house. The least you can do is consider their needs and make the house wonderful.

Their home has proved to be as popular with visitors and tourists too, after receiving a lot of public interest they opened the house and received 900 guests in one afternoon. You can find out more about their story and the house on their website at