Beau the ‘Genius’ Maths Dog

Wednesday 17th August, 2011 by Claire Lodge.


Beau the 12-year-old Labrador, from Montana, had become a bit of a celebrity with his new-found skill of completing sums thanks to his owner, David Madsen. He can add, subtract, calculate square roots and exhibits his calculating skills to the locals in nearby shops and restaurants. All Beau asks in return from his owners is a biscuit for his hard work, and with an 85% accuracy rate, it’s not much to ask!

David said he started training Beau when he laid out some dog biscuits and rewarded him them when he barked the correct number of biscuits. Beau then became accustomed to this and David has continued to teach him as he seemed to pick it up so quickly. Since then he went on to count to ten, answer questions about sports scores, read written sums, and can even count in Spanish!?

Once he has barked the answer Beau always puts his ears upright after his final bark, but, if David fails to bring bring treats for his work he quickly loses interest after a couple of questions. Beau can even carry on the trick once David had left the room as long as treats are involved. Friends of the family who were suspicious of Davids claims have tested Beau themselves, only to agree he is infact a dog genius!

Beau lives with David, Mum Patti and his daughter Melissa, split between the year with the summer at David and Patti’s and with Melissa the rest of the year. David took on Beau when his daughter Melissa was a student, she had found Beau on her doorstep and took him in.