£8,000 Facelift for Bloodhound Junior covered by Pet Insurance

Thursday 18th August, 2011 by Greg Findley.


Junior the 5-year-old Bloodhound suffered from a rare skin disorder that prevented him from properly growing into his skin from a pup. This left him with so much excess skin above his face it folded over his eyes and he struggled to to see. His owners Denise and David Smart were so worried about him they took him to the Vet, the result after several visits, referral to a specialist, and a complex facelift operation was an £8,000 bill. Fortunately the operation was a complete success, and the £8,000 Vets bill was covered by their pet insurance policy with PetPlan.

Initially Junior had several trips to the Vets, to remove eyelashes as they started to irritate his eyes – the condition called entropion did not improve despite the eyelash removals, and could have led to permanent loss of sight if untreated. Junior was then referred to a specialist Vet, Gary Lewin, who was able to then perform the facelift on Junior, which included a 3 hour operation and one of the most difficult procedures Gary had ever performed due to the size of Junior and the amount of skin he had to remove.

The operation was a success with all Juniors excess skin removed, he has been able to see clearly since. Denise and David say he has been so much better since the operation as his condition used to make him grumpy, especially with other dogs. Junior now seems a much happier dog and much more mischievous like he should be for his breed and age. The couple say they have had everything from remote controls to PC mice go missing from their home, all of which have later been found chewed up in the garden!