4th Time Lucky for Derek?

Tuesday 14th June, 2011 by Compare Pet Care.


Derek has been labelled the ‘unluckiest dog’ after three failed attempts to be rehomed. Derek is currently living at the RSPCA West Hatch branch in Somerset, and has been there for over a year. He is a Staffordshire bull terrier cross Collie and was handed over to the RSPCA by his homeless owner.

In May 2010 he found his first home, but had to be returned 22 days later as they were unable to cope with his over enthusiastic, boisterous behaviour. His second attempt was with the Army, they took on Derek as he showed great sniffing ability and a lot of energy to suit the army lifestyle. Although his personality went well in training he disliked having to get in and out of the vehicles and so had to be returned again. Hoping for third time lucky, Derek was rehomed again, unfortunately Derek found himself back at the RSPCA within 24 hours after jumping into his new owners pond only to then go & dry himself off on the sofa!

Since then staff have made a new room for Derek as he is finding living in the kennels too small and stressful for his energetic nature. He has been more relaxed since living in his new room but staff would still like to see him find a permanent home soon. In the meantime Derek has been out on trips away from the centre with the reception supervisor, Sarah Hetherington. He has been on long walks and even to the pub and is much more relaxed out of the kennel environment. The staff are hopeful he will find a patient adult owner to take him on and give him the attention he needs. Lets hope Derek finds his perfect home soon.

UPDATE 27th June 2011

Derek has been lucky at last and found his 4th home, with owners Mr and Mrs L’Herpiniere. They said that the lifestyle they lead would suit Derek perfectly and felt it was their duty to take him on, even though initially the couple wasn’t looking for a dog. Derek will go and spend his new life on a farm and have hours of exercise each day, lets hope Derek finally settles.

  • Fiona

    Doesn’t say much for the Army if they couldn’t cope or train him and what were the people with the pond thinking of?? Could’t they have dried him before letting him in the house? I have 2 dogs that are in the sea every day and I just dry them – not rocket science.