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New cat? Advice and guidance about letting them out for the very first time

Wednesday 19th December, 2012 by Greg Findley.


Cats are creatures who are active both day and night, and although they spend the majority of their time in the vicinity of their home, they can roam quite some distance away, so you have to make every effort to ensure that they will return safely.

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Small Dog Syndrome

Wednesday 12th December, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


Have you ever owned a small dog? If you have you will know that it can be ever so rewarding. Small dogs offer a character and charisma like no other and are hilarious and caring in equal measure. Yet, despite all their cuteness with their short fluffy bodies and big brown eyes, it is by no means easy to care for a small dog, and any decision to purchase one should come after plenty of thought.

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What’s your dog trying to tell you?

Friday 2nd November, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


There are signs that your pet can give you to indicate very clearly that there is something wrong, and if you know what to look out for then you can very quickly pick up on it and begin to remedy the situation.

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Which dog is best for you?

Saturday 20th October, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


So, you have given in at last to the constant pleading of ‘Can we have one, dad?’ And now you have the problem of choosing which of the ‘ones’ will be best suited to you and your circumstances.

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Dogs come at a cost

Thursday 13th September, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


It cost quite a bit to own my first dog. The appealingly cute puppy was a pedigree after all. But it came as a bit of a shock to discover how much it was necessary to fork out through a canine lifetime. Vets fees, for example, can add up to a very significant amount. You [...]

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Why exercising your dog is of paramount importance

Friday 3rd August, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


One of the sorriest sights for a pet lover is to see a doddery, clearly overweight dog shuffling along in obvious discomfort. The poor old pooch, of course, in the vast majority of cases is not to be blamed for this unhealthy state. Somewhere along the line someone has let the animal down badly in terms of providing the necessary exercise.

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What’s in a Pets Name?

Thursday 2nd August, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


Someone we know had a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who rejoiced in the name of Shrek. No prizes for guessing where that came from! And, to be fair, there was something of a facial similarity.

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Unusual Pets that could prove to be a great addition to your amily

Wednesday 1st August, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


It is often argued that having a pet can be beneficial to a child in a variety of ways, not least the fact that they tend to develop a far more caring attitude ai??i?? and that applies towards other people as well as the animals in question.

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National Cat Survey – Cats in the Community

Tuesday 31st July, 2012 by Greg Findley.


We were recently contacted by Kevin Mahon, Feline Friends Cat Welfare Scholar at the University of Lincoln’s School of Life Sciences, to try and help get their National Cat Survey out to as big an audience as possible. As the survey forms part of their research into animal welfare, we were only too happy to try and help with this.

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Kids more intelligent if they have Pets

Friday 27th July, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


Schoolchildren may be better off asking their pets to help them with their homework rather than their parents. A crazy notion you might think. But not according to a recent survey in which a staggering 79% of a thousand children, aged between five and 16, stated that they firmly believed that their pets had a positive effect, not only on their homework, but on their work at school as well.

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How to travel safely with your Dog this Summer

Tuesday 24th July, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


It’s that time of year, isn’t it? School holidays. Off to the seaside, or some idyllic spot in the country. The seemingly constant rain in the wettest June on record hasn’t dampened your enthusiasm, because it’s going to be wall-to-wall sunshine from now on. Isn’t it? But getting there. Oh, dear! It can be a bit of a problem if you have a dog ai??i?? even if you do not have the additional worry of chattering children to contend with.

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Dogs helping school children in Devon

Tuesday 3rd July, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


It’s heaven in Devon for schoolchildren with a lovely tale to tell. Eight-year-olds at a primary school in that delightfully creamy county are finding their reading and writing capabilities improving considerably under the watchful eye of a new classroom assistant by the name of Wynona.

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New ‘Pupcakes’, the cupcake for your Dog!

Thursday 21st June, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


If your dog is a little on the plump side but you find yourself unable to say no to those appealing, puppy-love eyes, it may interest you to learn that a Manchester baker has designed edible non-fattening cupcakes for sweet-toothed pooches.

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Pampered Pooches preferred to Parenthood in Japan

Tuesday 19th June, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


A recent survey suggested that there are some people who prefer sharing their bed with their dogs to their partners. The Japanese have taken what some might say is a logical step further, with many of them claiming to prefer pets to parenthood. And so, with no offspring to spoil, they have developed a love for pampering their precious pooches.

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Take your dog to work day 2012

Thursday 14th June, 2012 by Claire Lodge.


Take your dog to work day is an annual event that encourages dog owners to negotiate with their employers, so that they can bring their dogs into the workplace. The event, which is happening next Friday, 22nd June, has been running since 1999, and is mainly focused on the USA, with international support for the concept growing. The aim of the day is quite simply to celebrate dogs, and promote their adoption.

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