About Us

The original Compare Pet Care website

The original Compare Pet Care website

Compare Pet Care was created in 2008, by web designer Greg, and Viki, a qualified Veterinary Nurse.

Having experienced the complexity of trying to find pet insurance for our cat, we spent hours going between pet insurance websites making pages of notes and trying to understand what each insurer and policy actually offered in terms of cover. As each insurer seeemed to have their own dictionary of buzzwords and sales phrases, it made it very diffiuclt to actually see what was on offer and how it compared.

Having spent all this time researching we decided to put this new found knowledge to use, and created Compare Pet Care, with the aim of making pet insurance comparison as simple and easy as possible. There’s a few websites that allow price comparison, but with knowledge from the Veterinary industry we knew that simply comparing prices wasn’t the best idea.

Feedback always welcome…

We hope you find Compare Pet Care useful, it’s come quite a way from the original site, thanks to all the great feedback from visitors, so please let us know if you have any suggestions.