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Why should you compare?

Save Time & Money

With a huge range of brands & specialist insurers all competing to convince you that their pet insurance is the best on the market, comparing policies is vital. Having experienced the complexity of trying to choose insurance ourselves, we created Compare Pet Care to solve this problem that many pet owners face.

With our pet insurance comparison tables you can quickly & easily understand what the leading policies include, helping you to choose the best insurance for your pet.

Vets Guide to Pet Insurance

Pete Wedderburn Photograph As featured in The Telegraph

Confused by pet insurance? Read our comprehensive guide, covering all the common questions and concerns.
Written by Pete Wedderburn, a qualified Vet with over 25 years experience, Pete also has a regular pet column with The Telegraph newspaper, which comes highly recommended.

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Cats are creatures who are active both day and night, and although they spend the majority of their time in the vicinity of their home, they can roam quite some distance away, so you have to make every effort to ensure that they will return safely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when insurers say their policies are lifelong?

Lifelong cover means there is no time limit on claiming for each condition, you can continue claiming for ongoing conditions year after year. Always ensure you check the individual insurers terms and conditions, as some companies have started to introduce an overall maximum policy limit.

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